Given the safety and security situation in South Africa as well as the rest of the world, businesses today need to be aware of potential security threats and protect themselves in the necessary ways.

EXPRO Protection Services has a variety of services including risk assessments, VIP protection, maritime security and specialist training of operatives for secure work and social environments.

We care about your safety, security and your business.


EXPRO is an accredited training center for Close Protection Officer training as well as the highly demanded MARSEC course.

Internationally recognized, the EXPRO courses are world class with students coming from across the globe.

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“The CPO course was both testing and enjoyable. The mix of theory with practical made for easy understanding and the instructors draw on their personal experiences. I have since been deployed in some very "uncomfortable" situations and there are many times that I have referred back to what was said and taught during the course. I would recommend anyone looking to enter the industry to do it through EXPRO.” Sheldon Booker